Meet Dr. Lee

8x12retouched_DR_LEE_427x640-3Dr Lee grew up in Chesterfield, Virginia. Even as a youth, he showed a knack for working with his hands. In high school. he was voted "The Most Talented" by his classmates for his achievements in art. In fact, Dr Lee personally got to meet U.S. representative Tom Bliley to receive an award for his water-color painting. Many of his friends expected Dr. Lee to pursue a career in arts. However, his professional interest was profoundly shaped by his experience with braces.

Having had crooked teeth his whole life, Dr. Lee wanted to have braces as a child. But coming from a blue-collar family, financial priorities were often placed on other necessities. So, Dr. Lee decided to work after school. He eventually saved up enough money to pay or half of his braces while his parents would cover the other half. His treatment lasted about two years with wonderful results. Dr Lee was so impressed by the positive changes in his life that came with improved self-image and self-confidence, he decided to enter the field of dentistry.

Dr. Lee attended Virginia Commonwealth University with a full Presidential Scholarship for all four years. He served as the president of the Pre-dental club at VCU and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. The following year, Dr. Lee was accepted to VCU School of Dentistry where he would go on to graduate among the top of his class, earninga Doctorate in Dental Surgery with a Magna Cum Laude. In 2007, he completed his residency in orthodontics at UNLV.

Dr. Lee has been practicing orthodontics in Virginia his entire career. He works at the Monument Avenue office on Monday's. He is still passionate about arts, and enjoys film and photography. Besides making wonderful smiles, he loves to play tennis and dabble in culinary experiments.